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Thomas More holds an advanced degree in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Although college-educated in the art, craft, and labor of writing novels, he is self-taught when it comes to science fiction and its associated tropes, its readers, and the best of its writers. His favorite pastime is going for long motorcycle rides on city streets, country roads, and beaches (where allowed, of course!).

I cannot thank my fans and backers on Kickstarter enough. Their belief in me, and patience with my slow delivery (courtesy of COVID-19 and other factors) is so amazing and encouraging

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Becoming a legend isn't easy...
in fact it might just get you killed.

Seventeen-year-old Sakima knows she is meant for greatness. Ridiculed for her ambition, she wonders if she’ll ever get to be the first female warrior in Lenape history. But when her sister is kidnapped and whisked through a multidimensional portal to the legendary Land Below, she vows to rescue her and prove herself at last!

Trapped in the unfamiliar world of New York City, with its inferior technology and strange rules, Sakima pursues the kidnapper through the boroughs. When she learns he’s unleashed an ancient monster on the unsuspecting populace, she fears she isn’t hero enough to save anyone.

Can she overcome insurmountable odds and fulfill her destiny, or is she doomed to die for daring too much?

City At My Feet is the thrilling first book in the Mannahatta science fiction fantasy series. If you like determined heroines, page-turning action, and vivid alternative cultures, you’ll love Thomas More’s enthralling tale.


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If you have already downloaded the short stories —thank you! I hope you love reading more about Sakima, but if you haven't yet... can still get instant access to SAKIMA: CITY OF MY YOUTH, short stories based on the characters in the novels. By reading this collection, you'll better understand how the young Sakima became the powerful warrior she is today, adding to your enjoyment of the Mannahatta Series!

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